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Do you have a question about the Enfield Haunting or about this website? Then simply use this contact form to get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Before you do though, please take a look at this short FAQ below. This will tell you a lot of what you need to know about us and our work. It should also answer any questions that you have without needing to get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

You Missed Something/You Got Something Wrong

If that is the case then let us know. We are not infallible and we are not an official source. We are enthusiasts and writers as much as you are. Just drop us an email to let us know what we missed or what we got wrong, as well as what you believe is the correct information, and we will ask our editors to take a look.

Our goal is to be the best source of information for this haunting and for that to happen we need to make sure we are 100% accurate, so these emails are very welcome.

Do you Offer Advertising?

Of course. We are very strict with this though, as you may have noticed from the minimum amount of advertising on the site already. It has to be relevant and it has to benefit our readers in some way. If you think you have something that ticks these boxes then by all means get in touch.

We can offer editorials and advertorials and we can also offer banner space. No pop-ups though and nothing that will spam or annoy our readers in anyway.

Who Are You?

We are a team of writers. It’s a simple as that. We are interested in this topic and so we wrote about it. We were not there at the time and we have no connection to people that were. Our owner does reside in the UK, but that is as close as we get.

Check with our About Us page to learn more.

Do you Cover Other Hauntings?

Right now it is our goal to be the ultimate source for information on the EnfieldHaunting. We run other sites that provide information on other famous hauntings though. These will be linked in time here on Enfield Haunting, but during the launch and the initial year or so the goal is to make sure this site is 100% readable, user-friendly, accurate and informative.

It’s not even monetized because that’s not part of our goal and we don’t want to annoy you with ads right now.

Do You Accept Guest Posts?

We may accept guest posts, but we really have to insist that you read the site and know the content. The vast majority of writers who get in touch do not. We understand that there are a lot of sites you need to contact and that you probably devote no more than a few seconds to these, but give us a few seconds more and we will return the favor.

We are very specific about the content that we accept. It has to be related to hauntings and/or ghosts and if it somehow relates to the EnfieldHaunting and has not been covered by us already, even better! If you want to link back to a website, you need to become a contributor. For this to happen you need to write a minimum of five articles for the website and you will get a bio with a link in exchange.

It’s a lot, we know, but we had to start doing this to cut down on the amount of requests we were getting and to benefit the site, as opposed to hurting it. You can find more information on our Write for Us page.

Contact Us

Now that you have read our FAQ (and please do, because if you skip and ask us a question found above, our editors may not reply) you can contact us using the form below. We will try to respond within 48 working hours, but it may not always be possible. If your email requires a response and that response has not been addressed above, you can expect to receive it within 7 days at the very most.