It’s been our intent to ensure that we consult with a wide range of sources in the creation of the Enfield Haunting site. However, the internet is a vast and wonderful place. More articles, videos, books and resources exist than we could ever dream to cite. Credit was, of course, given where due, but we understand that you may be interested in learning more about the Enfield poltergeist.

Within the text of this website, you’ll find links to what we consider the most valuable resources. You’ll also find suggestions as to other media you may enjoy – books, documentaries and movies are all included. However, if you’re curious about Janet Hodgson, the Enfield poltergeist, or the supernatural in general then the following links may be of help to you. The websites linked below were very helpful to us in our research of the Enfield haunting. To the site owners, we extend our thanks. We hope our readers enjoy as much as we have.

Enfield Haunting – This United States based site is a great resource for those looking to find information about the Enfield haunting and the Hodgson family. In addition to the story of the Enfield poltergeist, the site discusses the supernatural as a whole – poltergeists, the most haunted locations around the world, and even video evidence of spectral activity. Brilliantly written and meticulously curated, this site proved invaluable time and again throughout the duration of our research.

Will Storr Article – Will Storr, as mentioned elsewhere on this site, is one of the few reporters who tracked down Janet Hodgson in the years following the Enfield haunting. While this link will direct you to only one article by the reporter, you’ll find that article quite informative. Will Storr is author to the book which first introduced us to Janet Hodgson and her family. Will Storr vs the Supernatural is available on Amazon and other retailers – we recommend the read.

Enfield Poltergeist Nationwide Special – While experiencing the Enfield haunting, Janet Hodgson and her family were frequently interviewed by the media. One such interview was that by BBC Scotland. You can view the full, original content of the interview at this link.

The Warrens – If you’re curious about Ed and Lorraine Warren, you may be interested in visiting the home page for the New England Society for Psychic Research. Founded by the Warrens, the organization still exists today. The website features details of the Warrens’ investigations as well as biographical information.

Society for Psychical Research – More important to the investigation of the Hodgson family was the Society for Psychical Research. Founded in 1882, the SPR boasts both sceptics and paranormal enthusiasts in its membership. We encourage you to explore the site for more information about the Enfield haunting and the paranormal as a whole.

Ghostwatch – The mockumentary Ghostwatch sparked much controversy when it first aired on BBC1 in 1992. It has only been aired on television a few times since, but you can watch the full movie on YouTube. Find the full length movie at this link.

Tychy – Admittedly, this particular website didn’t provide much by way of new information about the Enfield haunting. Regardless, we found it to be quite an interesting read. Quite obviously written by an author who believed the haunting to be a farce, the words provided a biased – yet extremely helpful – take on the events of the late 1970s. Well thought out and often humorous, this article comes highly recommended. We would especially encourage believers in the Enfield haunting to take a look. This piece may make you take a second look at what really happened in Enfield.