Privacy Policy

The information described on this page relates to the privacy of all users of We take this very seriously and endeavor to ensure that users are always safe and secure when using this site, as these terms relate.

Your Information

We take privacy very seriously here on Whenever you contact us, whether to send us a request, to ask a question or to apply to write for us, your information will always be secure and will only be seen by the owners and operators of That is the way that it should be and that is the way that we make sure it always is.

The only time your information will ever be exposed to us is when you send us a message through one of the two contact forms on this website. These forms can be used simply to get in touch and ask a question, or to apply to write for us. In the first case we as for your name and email so we know where to send a reply and how to address that reply. In the case of the latter we ask for a sample of your work so that we can judge your ability.

How we Keep Your Information Secure

If you send us a message through one of the contact forms mentioned above then we will make sure that it is only ever seen by a small number of people, all of whom work for This includes our head editor, who reviews all of the messages received through this site and through other sites in our network, and our owner, who reviews a handful of comments and requests every now and then.

These messages will sit on our servers where they will remain secure and safe. If they are no longer needed then they will simply be deleted, ensuring that your data is not stored.

In all cases we promise not to sell, lease, trade or give away your information, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you will never be contacted for marketing purposes other than the ones that you request.

This site also uses Google Analytics, which gathers information from everyone that visits the site. This includes non-specific information related to your approximate location and your activity on the site. It is standard practice and it is used to give us a better idea of what people do when they use this site and how they get here in the first place.


We do use cookies here on as we believe that these improve the user experience. They help to improve all content websites and are considered essential because of this.

Changes and Consent

If you do not agree with one or more of the policies described herein then you are invited to close this website down. If you do not then you are automatically giving your consent for everything described on this page. That also applies if we ever decide to make changes to these terms.