Write For Us

Do you have something to say to the readers of EnfieldHaunting.co.uk? Then submit an application to write for us. We are more than happy to take a look at your work and to welcome you onboard as one of our writers. However, there are some guidelines that we insist upon first.

Our guidelines are really just to make our life a little easier. As you may have noticed, this site is built around a single guide, but we also have a blog that allows others to voice their opinions. This may or may not be active at the time you are reading this, but we are always looking for new writers so please take a look below.

How to Write for Us

As soon as we launched this program we received a deluge of applications, most of which were spam. The articles we received were poorly written and they contained all kinds of low quality links, often not related to the subject of this site. To stop this and to make the lives of our editors easier, we now have to insist on hiring only the best writers and we require a few things from you before you can do this:

1. Five Articles: You need to send us five articles that pass muster with our editors. These should be at least 1,000 words and they should not contain any links.

2. Bio: Once these articles are accepted, you will be given your own author page on the site. This will include a bio and you can include a link to your site or any site of your choosing here.

3. Continued Writing: If you want to continue writing for us then you may do so. At this point we may be able to offer a financial incentive depending on how many views your articles are receiving, but this is not a guarantee and will need to be discussed as and when you reach this stage.

What Articles we Accept

So, what sort of content should you send us?

Hopefully by now you have read through our site and have an idea of what we are about. There is obviously one major topic that we have discussed and we have done this at length. It is highly unlikely that we have missed something so you should probably avoid writing about this specific haunting unless you are sure we missed something.

You can write about other hauntings, as well as anything else that relates to ghosts and the paranormal. We focus on the UK market, but you are welcome to write with other markets in mind. The goal is to entertain all and provide something that will entice people to read your article from top to bottom.

For this, make sure you tick the following boxes:

  • At least 1,000 words, but as many as 2,500 words
  • An eye-catching title
  • Well written, clean articles (please proofread your work)
  • An insight that is interesting or unique

It also helps if your articles have been optimized for search engines, but this is not essential. It’s certainly something we look to do, but if you don’t do it with your work then another writer will do it with theirs and it is always good to have a balance.

Write for Us

If you are ready to submit an application to write for us then take a look at the form below.

Just make sure you read the Write For Us guidelines above. We’re insistent about this because 9 out of 10 do not and we have to ignore those submissions, otherwise our editors would be doing nothing but repeating themselves all day. By all means ask questions if you can’t find the answer here, but bear in mind that our editors will get a lot of messages from people who have ignored these words and it’s a rare treat for them to receive a message from someone who has.

If you want to get on their good side, that’s the way to do it.


Failure to read these guidelines will likely see your submission ignored and/or rejected.